Ok I am obsessed with food and taking photos so why not combine the two and showcase the amazing things I am seeing and eating?! So here is my constantly updated gallery (when I remember to snap a pic before eating!)

FYI : it’s not completely chronological as I have Denver/Colorado at the bottom for easy reference

Ljubljana and Bled, Slovenia (June, 2016)

T: Pop’s Place: I recommend this place to everyone going to Ljubljana ~ why? Great music, good drinks + beers, amazing fries (go with the garlic Parmesan) and legitimate American burgers (as in the only burger I’ve ever had outside the US that I consider a proper burger!). Oh and the owner is amazing ~ he drew me a map of Croatia complete with destinations and recommendations (fave restaurant I went to was from him)! Bottom from left to right 1: Sign outside a restaurant ~ great way to live 2. Not Slovenian but Dutch pancakes with Nutella is never a bad idea 3. Rolled ice cream with Slovenian fruits 4. While waiting for the ice cream, start chatting with a local and she recommends this lovely place: Spajza Restaurant. The service, atmosphere (walk to the back onto the garden), food (tuna and lamb) and wine were all top notch. 5. Strawberry and raspberry gelato at Lake Bled (June 18-20, 2016) 

Amman, Jordan (April, 2016) 

TL: various seasonal plates for lunch TR: Interior BL: Jams/ desserts case BR: Coffee and chocolate cake on the lovely terrace.  I love finding places with amazing vision all around the world. This is an organic, affordable cafe creating a gathering space for the community.  “We have a gentle approach to development, where speed is not needed. We want to take the time to create sustainable jobs and dignity. We work with very diverse suppliers :* Coffee beans direct from farms in Yemen/ * Tea blends by Jordanian business ladies who created Isteakan, a Salon de Thé/ * Cookies by Halaby Bakery from Damascus, an old biscuit shop/* Desserts are baked by private ladies/* Organic citrus from Halaby farms/* Bread flour by Beni Hamida ladies, South of Madaba/* Fresh produce by Jabbok, Salleh and Botmma/* Jams and cheeses from social kitchens/* Zaatar and mekdous are home-made.”(Shams El Behad Cafe, April 12, 2016) 

Yangon, Myanmar (March, 2016)

  TL: Special of the Day Quesadillas stuffed with pork, cheese and potatoes TR: Menu BL: Michelada Mango BM & BL: Very cool design elements of the restaurant (Gringos Chilangos, March 17, 2016) 
Siem Reap, Cambodia (March, 2016)

  TL: The placemats that sum up the amazing mission of the place TR: Restaurant sign BL: Fried egg noodles with chicken – one of the best noodles dishes I have ever had BR: Khmer Amok Fish with Rice and Banana Flower Salad  So if you are in Siem Reap – please go visit this restaurant – really delicious food that serves a greater purpose!  (HAVEN Training Restaurant, March 12, 2016) 

TL: A harbinger of things to come for me in a few ways: Great food and amazing, fresh fruit smoothies and everyone interested in my nationality (Golden Monkey, March 10, 2016) TR: One my many smoothies from the street – incredible, ripe fruit and only $1.00! Conveniently USD as well as Cambodian Riel are taken (March 13, 2016) ML: I love street food and this was my delectable chocolate banana pancake ~ also only $1.00 (March 12, 2016) MR: E took me to this cute coffee shop with a tasty iced latte but I was blown away by my Mango+Lychee+Lime smoothie. I wish I would have had a chance to have another (The Hive, March 11, 2016) BL: Our driver took J and me to an overpriced, Western tourist trap for breakfast and we decided to go across the parking lot and have breakfast where the locals were eating and I had this grilled pork and rice plate for breakfast ~ $1.50! (March 11, 2016) BR: For only $2.50 you can have rolled ice cream customized made and prepared right in front on you – it was a rough night and I started eating it right after it was made (March 12, 2016)

Bangkok, Thailand (March, 2016) BL: Best presentation of cold brew coffee TM: Delicious French toast stuffed with Nutella and bacon BR: Lunch special: Brocolli, cauliflower, raisens, bacon salad with warm chicken – All other photos of the super cute interior (Dexter Cafe & Bar, March 9, 2016) 

Green Curry (Chicken, baby corn, carrots, snap peas, Thai basil) 

(Chysee Bamee-Kiew, March 7, 2016)

Buenos Aires, Argentina (December, 2015)   When you come to Argentina, a steakhouse is a must and one of the most highly regarded: The service was impeccable and the steaks were so good but oh how I wish they had been seasoned before they were cooked (TL) because then they would have been amazing. TM & BR: Two different views of the steaks to really show how large they were.  We should have split one between the two of us ~ my bone in rib eye was easily 1 kilogram!  + the grilled veggies side + bread + Argentinian malbec  TR: My maracuya dessert was quite heavenly BL: Meat empanadas to start (Parrilla Don Julio, December 16, 2015) There’s also this other dining must do: puertas cerradas (closed-door restaurants) ~ hybrid between a dinner party/restaurant run out of a private residence.  We went to Cocina Sunae (since December 30 they have reopened as a full restaurant Sunae Asian Cantina in the trendy Palermo area)   TL: So my uncle T met me down in BA. He is the best traveling companion because that man loves good food maybe even more than I do and always takes me to the best restaurants and introduces me to great new foods and drinks! TR: The courtyard and these beautiful lights were purchased by Sunae when she was in Malaysia MR: Menu of the day BL: Second course – Sopa fria de sandia ~ Cold watermelon and cucumber soup with sriracha BM: First course – Cha Gio ~ Vietnamese egg rolls BR: Fourth Course/Dessert – Halo halo ~ Lychees, passion fruit, nata de coco, orange, grapefruit topped with green tea ice cream, ginger cookie and pandan merengue cream / oh so good I was so fully but seriously considered getting one for the 30 minute cab ride back and apparently I was so eager that I ate my entree without taking a picture.  This was the best meal that I had in BA, maybe because it was well seasoned (Cocina Sunae, December 18, 2015)

TL: Fun and entertaining (on many levels) girls night out with food, Argentinian wine and a tango show (Cafe Tortoni, December 14, 2015) TR: I had to come back for a second slice of bombon suizo cake (Cafe Tortoni, December 21, 2015) ML: Squid ink seafood risotto ~ I was intrigued as the only other time I has squid ink was in an amazing paella in Barcelona, Spain and this was equally scrumptious (Amici Miei Ristorante, December 20, 2015) MR: Honeydew and cassis gelato and passion fruit gelato on Florida Street in the heart of downtown BA (Abuela Goye, December 21, 2015)  BL: 400 gram steak with baked potato ~pretty disappointed because their tagline of Argentinian Steak American Style but I did finally have a Pepsi Light  (Tucson, December 18, 2015) BR: The suite and club level life ~ life is really good when traveling with my uncle because what I need is endless food in the club and in the room (Sheraton Libertador, December 14 -19, 2015)

Valparaíso, Chile (December, 2015)Maybe the best macaroon I have ever had in that both taste and execution of the cookie were perfect ~ maracuya flavor (passionfruit) on a street with colorful buildings/murals (Mercadito Alegre Pastelria Gourmet, December 9, 2015)

Santiago, Chile (December, 2015)TL: Apparently the banks in Chile send you a cake for your birthday?! My padre chileno’s decadent chocolate cake (Casa de mis padres chilenos, December 7, 2015) TR: Those Aussie boys should have never introduced me to these Bon O Bon cookies…I cannot even guess how many packages I ate  + with cafe con leche = perfect for journaling (Casa de mis padres chilenos, December 11, 2015) BL: Dulce de leche cafe ~ somehow made my wrist feel a little better (Freddo, December 12, 2015) BM: Humita ~ Chilean speciality made with fresh corn, onion, basil, and butter or lard and wrapped in corn husks (Casa playa de mis padres chilenos, December 6, 2015) BR: Mote con huesillos {a tasty, traditional and ubiquitous Chilean summer drink made dried peaches (huesillo) cooked in a syrupy liquid – cooled then served cold mixed with fresh cooked husked wheat (mote) and often sold in street stands or vendor carts} ~ in front of the colorful tree called Jacaranda Mimosifolia (Los Condes, December 5, 2015)

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile (November – December, 2015)Wow – I had a lot of great meals here including a delicious pizza but didn’t take a pic and I forgot to record names of restaurants L: One of the best meals I had in South America actually: Pork chop with orange sauce and roasted potato that was part of the daily set menu with an appetizer, entree and dessert for 4,000 Chilean pesos – less than $6 USD. Also pictured is the veggie lasagna that my friend had and she said it was delicious (December 1, 2015) TR: Homemade breakfast : avocado toast with fried eggs + mango, banana, orange fruit salad + yogurt + coffee = amazing (Cimas del Sol, December 3, 2015) BR: Yummy empanada with the most refreshing and tasty sandia (watermelon) agua fresca (December 2, 2015)

Copacabana, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia (November, 2015) TL & TR: Spaghetti with an incredible view of the lake and sunset / Delectable lime pie and love the portion size (London Cafe, November 23, 2015) ML: I will admit I went back for more lime pie – to no avail but was rewarded with this super tasty and healthier fruit salad (London Cafe, November 25, 2015) MR: Another attempt for a lime pie and darn it was lemon pie (here’s a memory: oh while waiting for the bus to be ferried across the lake on the way back to La Paz, I had a random humongous stray dog jump on me but I did not drop the pie…we all got such a laugh though and I unfortunately smelled like dog for the next 6 hours!)  (? Bakery, November 25, 2015) BL: Trucha (salmon trout) sushi and green curry (Thai Palace, November 24, 2015) BR: Delicious trucha (salmon trout) fresh from the lake from one of the stalls on the beach (November 24, 2015)

Nuestra Señora de La Paz, Bolivia (November, 2015)   Oh how the Bolivians love their sweets and even sold cakes by the slice on the street!  A yummy creme filled cookie from a great food stand I found with the most patient lady who explained every product to me (November 23, 2015) Fruity ice treat in front of Iglesia de San Francisco ~ probably not the smartest food choice I have ever made (as Bolivian water is not considered safe to drink) and I had been advised not to have any street food in Bolivia but luckily I didn’t get sick (November 22, 2015)

Lima, Peru (November, 2015)TL: Because when you want ceviche in Lima, everyone tells you to go here TR: Assortment of ceviches BL: Assortment of causas (uniquely Peruvian potato based dish) BR: Starters: Housemade corn nuts and root veggies chips and maracuya (passionfruit) piscos (La Mar Cebicheria, Miraflores, November 20, 2015) image-48L:So we had devoured the ceviche and started in on the molten chocolate cake (highly recommended by the cute couple sitting by us) before I remembered to take a picture ~ and my maracuya pisco sour (became a favorite quickly!) (Mangos, Larcomar, Miraflores, November 19, 2015)  R: Lucuma and maracuya (passionfruit) ice cream cone looking down Jiron de la Union ~ once the most important boulevard in the city, now a commercial pedestrian street (Historic centre of Lima, November 19, 2015)

Cusco, Peru (November, 2015)  TL: I am loving South America because the continent shares my love for ice cream. Vanilla/chocolate mixto in front of Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús (Plaza de Armas, November 11, 2015) TR: One of the many dark chocolate crepes and fresh juice and hot chocolate (French expats owned and operated La Bo’M, November 10, 2015) BL: From one of my visits: Lacuma cupcake, one of the best slices of chocolate cake I have ever had and the most intricately assembled (as in 15 mins preparation) Mocha (La Valeriana Bake Shop, November 12, 2015) BR: Vegan chocolate almond cake with mango coulis sauce  (Green Point Vegan Restaurant, November 13, 2015)

Quito, Ecuador  (October – November, 2015)  TL: Caramel popcorn cake in front of  the Church of the Society of Jesus – definitely my favorite place in Quito and one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen (Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús October 31, 2015) TR: Strawberries and whipped cream on a cone in front of the Panecillo and Virgen statue (Historic Centre of Quito, October 31, 2015) BL: Strawberry and vanilla swirl soft serve ice cream in front of what is considered the largest, least-altered, and best-preserved historic center in the Americas (Historic Centre of Quito, November 1, 2015) BR: Always take the excited waiter’s recommendation: Peach and Raspberry cream cake (? bakery, November 3, 2015)

Medellín, Colombia (October, 2015)TL: Raspberry and mixed red fruit swirl ice cream in the Botanic Garden (Jardín Botánico de Medellín, October 27, 2015) TR: Chicken soup and a lychee smoothie ( October 29, 2015) BL: One of the food cart items du jour: Arepa con queso ~ bread made with cornmeal and cheese  (October 28, 2015) BR: Maracuya cheesecake (Exito supermarket bakery, October 28, 2015)

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia (October, 2015)  TL: Desgranado ~ french fries, chicken, hot dog, pieces of pork chop, sauces, cheese, vegetables, and fried plantain pieces from the famous food cart (Plaza de Santisma Trinidad, Getsemaní, October 20, 2015) BL: Fruit bowl in front of Caribbean waters (Playa Blanca, Baru,  October 22, 2015) TR: One of many, many crepes I had here ~ Raspberry with creme (Crepes y Waffles, October 21, 2015) MR: Fried whole fish with rice and fried plantains  (Playa Blanca, Baru, October 23, 2015) BR: Brioche, crossaint and hot chocolate (La Brioche Cafe, October 24, 2015)

Orlando, Florida (September, 2015)  
L: This place is magical indeed ~ I typically would have to go to Hawaii to get some Dole Whip in front of Cinderella Castle (Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld, September 19, 2015) TR: Chocolate/Vanilla twist ice cream in a waffle cone in front of Expedition Everest (Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disneyworld, September 17, 2015) BR: D’oh! My homage to Homer Simpson – a piece from a very large Lard Lad donut in front of Kwik-E-Mart (Springfield Land, Universal Studios Florida, September 21, 2015) 

New Orleans, Louisiana (May, 2015) Unbelievable that I am here for the food and wine festival and have a ton of good eats and I only have these two snaps!!  T: My absolute favorite thing I ate in NOLA – roasted cauliflower with sea salt and whipped feta (Domenica Restaurant, The Roosevelt New Orleans, May 27, 2015) B: Beignets and cafe au lait made with their famous coffee and chicory + the location is open 24 hours = love & obsession (Cafe du Monde, French Quarter, May 25, 2015)

Denver, Colorado Not great lighting but incredible food! TL: Red Snapper ML (from L-R): Toro, Spicy Baked, Spicy Tuna rolls BL: Miso black cod  TR: Lychee ice cream – haha not sure why it’s in two bowls?! BR: Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (Sushi Den, February 17, 2016) TR: Grab an order form, decide how many you would like and choose a glaze and topping BR: Chocolate glaze with Oreos and blueberry glaze with powdered sugar L: The donuts are made to order so it takes about two minutes to fry up the cake batter donuts but they’re unlike any cake donut you have had previously (unless you ever had Tastefully Toasted in Boulder before they disappeared and I am still trying to cope)- so good!! Then they get dunked and coated! Only wish they had Snickers (Fractured Prune, February 10, 2016)TR:  The 49th ~ so named because of the Alaskan themed menu and spin and Alaska was the 49th state admitted to the union BR: I fell for this place because they serve Pimms and description under Matanuska Moose – Perfect for sipping while watching Russian from your house! L: I like some savory and sweet for brunch so a Birch Creek Breakfast Sammy and Tundra Berry French Toast (The 49th Food & Spirits, January 31, 2016)When you make a friend that loves skillet cookies as much as you do ~ you order the trio ~ top to bottom: White chocolate macadamia nut / cookies n cream / chocolate chunk pizookies with sufficient vanilla ice cream. Yup I  am very particular about the ratio in my ala modes  (BJs Restaurant & Brewhouse, Westminster, January 26, 2016)Ok one of my favorite places for sushi but now I may make it a daily habit because they also serve this: lychee ice cream. And such great memories of the night with my incredible family (Sushi Den, December 30, 2015)     What we affectionally refer to as the ‘Rosemary flight’ : they have a dish called a pancake flight where you can choose three different pancakes – I like to order a half Ham Benedict III and then add two pancakes – typically the pancake of the day and I rotate between Blueberry Danish, Cinnamon Roll and Peanut Butter Cup for my second pancake (Snooze Eatery, been to and heart all seven CO locations, so many dates I am unable and would be too embarrassed to list all)Yes I do love my sweets and I absolutely adore this place!  Menu changes frequently and am not 100% certain what these cakes were since so much time has elapsed… (Sugarmill Denver, July 3, 2015)

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