Life, Love & Family (Denver, Colorado)

This site is my love letter to this amazing journey that I am on and this post is my love letter to my incredible family.

So thank you fam bam for putting up with me during those younger years when I really was just a selfish b* and getting me to eventually change (though in my defense, it was before I became an adult). And for supporting and grounding me now, especially when I had to make that gut wrenching decision earlier this year (listening, never judging, just being there) ~ never felt like I had flipped my world upside down because I had my family and friends there for me.

As I sit back and reflect on being home for Christmas, it strikes me how amazing you all really are. Part of it is how sweet and extremely thoughtful the gifts were in general. But the other part is having family that is so supportive of me and my travels…and I realize that I do a lot of traveling with y’all…thanks and to each of you individually:

Oh my little sister…Autumn AKA R: where do I even start with you? Maybe best to start with an apology about always getting you in trouble and hurt when we were younger?! But somehow we managed to get past all of that and become close friends. Thanks for listening to/ being there for/enjoying with me through all the hard times, all the crazy and/or awkward times, and those good times. Though it is hard to be called out by you (you will always be the baby in the family), it is definitely needed at times as are the videos and memes you send my way. Such as that video reminder that I don’t care if you don’t like me, I LOVE ME! And really our next adventure should be you coming along for a part of my trip next year!!!
 My little bro, J, who was my partner in crime when we were younger. M&D are probably cringing thinking of all the shenanigans that we got ourselves into. Well somehow we managed not to burn down the house (literally) and make it into adulthood without too many serious injuries (fat kid falling from tree and breaking your leg was such a fluke). You have grown into a wonderful man, husband, and father (not gonna lie, was worried for awhile about you) but you have always been a great bro. I am so happy that C decided to marry you and that you two have that amazing little one, H, and that you all are such a big part of my life. And thanks for the advice/talks and snapchats…made being away from home a little easier since I didn’t miss all the little moments. And we need to figure out Orlando for our trip in 2016.

My older sister, M, who has had to put up with me the longest. She is the perfect first daughter and shining example of what we all should strive to be. So naturally, I rebelled against that and her but she has always put up with me and has become a great friend (always has been a wonderful sis). I am so happy that you guys moved back to Colorado! Even G, who actually is a great listener and not as antisocial as he would like to think. And your kids: J and the stories that make me laugh so hard and K for the fitspiration she provides. We have had some incredible trips together: Washington, DC, multi trips in CO, and that super fun trip earlier this year to Orlando, FL with the kiddos and of course, Kili and the safaris in Tanzania last year…here’s to many more!

My Uncle T, the person that I am the most like in the family – though I haven’t decided how I really feel about that. The person who may enjoy a good restaurant meal even more than I do (and definitely knows how to find those gems) and keeps introducing me to new wines, food and experiences. I am hoping that the Buenos Aires trip didn’t damper your enthusiasm for traveling with me…what’s some bugs, a brazen robbery, and language issues between family?! I am really looking forward to those Greece islands in June!!!

My Uncle P – luckily you married Aunt C and you both plus those girls have been such a big part of my life. You are always there to make me laugh and to offer support in whatever way. And the Girls – Big A ~ my original mini-me and Little A ~ my mini-me to a T – I have watched you girls grow up and are so impressed by the intelligent, strong, independent, sassy young women you are becoming. I love you all tremendously and have such fond memories of Europe and Santa Fe with you.

And of course M&D. I learned from my mom:resiliency/adaptability and my dad: preparadness and from you both: courage and strength (having left Vietnam with nothing and starting anew in the states). And though I know that you have had some hesitations and doubts about my travels – Macau and that solo South American trip, you never said them outloud to me.  Instead just telling me to be safe and have a good trip ~ thanks for that. And for all those trips when we were little – didn’t always want to go especially MO AKA misery but I think these trips are what created my wanderlust. I am looking forward to our trip to Italy in May!

I am the person that I am today because of the love and support that you all have given me and I hope that you all know how much I truly love and appreciate you. And when it is time to go again on the pursuit of whatever I am chasing at the moment, it is comforting and wonderful to know who/what I will be able to return home to – thanks and love you all tremendously ❤️❤️❤️

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