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6″: $50

8″: $75

10″: $100

*Price indicates starting cost. Price may increase based on specialty cake flavors/fillings, decorations, etc

Please note for Gluten-Free (GF) / Vegan (V) cakes that all ingredients are GF or V respectively (if possible certified GF / V if not I’m looking at the ingredient list and allergen list to ensure that they are GF/V) but I do not have separate equipment to prepare these cakes and my other cakes are not gluten-free /vegan.


6″ and 4″ Strawberry Faultline Cake (White velvet cake + white chocolate mousse / strawberry preserves / fresh strawberries filling + Swiss meringue buttercream + strawberry roses)
6″ Birthday Cake (Chocolate cake + dark chocolate mousse filling + cream cheese frosting + dark chocolate ganache drip + dark chocolate covered strawberries)
6″ Watercolor Sails Cake (Lemon cake + lemon curd filling + chantilly cream frosting)
6″ Watercolor and Palette Painted Gender Reveal Cake (White velvet cake + colored whipped buttercream filling + Swiss meringue buttercream)
6″ Ombre Cake (Vanilla Cake + passion fruit curd + passion fruit mascarpone frosting + passion fruit macaron)
6″ Ombre Rosettes Cake (Vanilla cake + mixed berries preserve / Chantilly cream / fresh berries filling + Chantilly cream frosting +oh baby fondant topper)
6″ Ocean Cake (Vanilla cake + seedless raspberry filling + whipped buttercream frosting)


Gender Reveal Cupcakes: (Chocolate cupcakes + colored whipped buttercream filling + Swiss meringue buttercream + oh baby fondant topper)

Mother’s day fondant topper + chocolate cupcakes + seedless raspberry filling + two toned swiss meringue buttercream frosting