Kilimanjaro ~ September 30, 2014 ~ Day Seven

We are given certificates – it’s official that we summited Kilimanjaro! Specs for the trek: 7 day, 43 miles (69 km) and 13,043 ft (4,085 m) – highest point 19,341 ft (5,895 m).  One of the seven summits! And I am able to cross this off my wanderlist…but does not even begin to abate my…

Kilimanjaro ~ September 27, 2014 ~ Day Four

The day’s activity is pretty light with a 3.15 mile (5 km) and is built into the itinerary to help with proper acclimatization. And it is also a less strenuous day to help us rest up for the next two big days ahead.

Kilimanjaro ~ September 26, 2014 ~ Day Three

This time I remember to bring my camera to capture the sunrise and am greeted with this beautiful vantage. Two tents had been set up to perfectly frame Mt. Meru in the distance.

Kilimanjaro ~ September 25, 2014 ~ Day Two

I witness my first sunrise on Mount Kilimanjaro surrounded only by the porters who are too busy dealing with the day’s preparation to admire the view.  It is so beautiful and calm but doesn’t that describe every dawn?  For me, this time has always signified the promise of a new day bursting with amazing potential…

Kilimanjaro ~ September 24, 2014 ~ Day One

Do you have those moments that just barely stick out in your memory and only upon reflection do you realize how much that moment ended up shaping you?  Watching the IMAX film about Kilimanjaro is one of those moments for me – believe that is when I caught the travel bug and Kili became the…