Weekly Inspiration (January 08, 2017)

Your strength, power, radiance are perhaps like this tree ~ visible and vibrant against the white snow but you’re feeling defeated maybe even helpless against the bitter cold and can’t see it. Perhaps it seems like the nights are getting longer and that winter will go on forever. But this isn’t A Song of Ice and Fire, they are there ~ waiting for you to find them deep within yourself as sure as spring then summer will come.

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer ~ Albert Camus

I actually love winter hence why I would be out running and taking photos in frigid conditions.  And I still marvel at this tree especially when I come across it against a snowy background.  But the funny thing is that maybe two winters passed before I finally noticed it…even though it had always been there and is so conspicuous.  So this was an obvious choice with this amazing quote.   There is something so incredibly beautiful about such vibrancy in the middle of winter in the same way that finding your true grit and brilliance in the midst of the darkest times.

PS In the last couple of months you probably have noticed that the direction of this site has shifted a bit with some of my posts.  It’s become quite clear to me that the emphasis shouldn’t just be a celebration of my beautiful life but a path to help everyone lead a more beautiful life.  So I decided to start sharing a lot more about my life journey so far and the paths and choices I’ve taken in hopes of inspiring or igniting you.  And of course the beautiful world part hasn’t changed and I’ll still have a large focus on travel.  I’m just going to be a more active voice for change and growth and will always be your positivity spreader and cheerleader to help you through your own journey ~ with much love and light 💕

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