Weekly Inspiration (January 15, 2017)

My life and my travels can be wrapped up with this Helen Keller quote “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  So instead of sitting back passively letting life happen, I decided to be an active seeker and to take some necessary risks to find the incredible and amazing.

I could have let the recent terror attacks in Istanbul especially the airport bombing detour me, I could have listened to the many people advising me against going persuade me, I could have followed what seemed like signs from the universe discourage me…but I had been dreaming about Turkey for so long, I knew that I would regret not going. Some places are worth the risks so learn to trust yourself enough to be completely comfortable with your choice to go (because in the end, it’s a highly personal thing and only you can really decide if it’s worth it).

Thanks to Instagram and my travel buddies, a hot air balloon in Cappadocia was a must do.  And I am so proud/happy that I got this picture as I absolutely adore  it ~ it’s technically sound, well framed, a beautiful landscape captured during the golden hour ~ yes I’m a complete photography nerd. But it also signifies so much as this was the morning after the coup started in Turkey. Sunrises are big for me ~ I like the idea of them as a promise of a new day and fresh start but more importantly, getting up to go bask in the first rays of sun signifies actively greeting the day and all the possibilities.   (If you are interested in my post about Cappadocia, click here and for the rest of my time in Turkey, click here. )

So for me the ‘life is a daring adventure’ holds true because you have to be willing to take risks and be willing to say yes and trust yourself enough to know when to just go.  Life and the world are waiting ~ are you willing to have it be as beautiful as it can and should be?

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