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Beautiful Life

Beautiful World


I like the sound of that. So I’ll be honest, at first I went with this name because I was not looking to not overly complicate my life. Haha well any more than I already do in general and currently am with this latest passion project. And really, it was always more likely I would stay update to with posting if it could happen here.

But after chatting with my family especially my aunt, I realized how I could combine many of passions here. I could revisit places or even explore new destinations through my food and baking and invite you to come along. And to share with you some incredible memories and as always to inspire you – maybe with some wanderlust as normal or to try your hand at re-creating a favorite food memory or maybe just to live your best life and eat cake to celebrate the big and the little milestones because yes – now my baking is available for purchase (well if you are in Colorado)!

So here’s to the newest chapter of my life and I hope that you enjoy this tasty adventure as much I do….and honestly, I didn’t realize it at the time but it’s become clear, how much more you have given back to me than I could ever do baking for you so thank you, it really is true that baking has saved me.

Please note that quantities are limited and should be pre-ordered ~ I have sold out for the entire weekend the week before, so act soon. But I may also have more energy, need sleep less than I think I will, and make extra so check out this page (or my Facebook page) on baking days for the updates and if I have any extras for sale!

Brief menu is listed below – please see the photos for detailed information including description of baked goods and pricing:


Friday, September 3: Mango Chantilly/Mascarpone and Passionfruit Mascarpone cakes

Saturday, September 4: The best chocolate chip cookies ~ see the 6 pack sampler deal! **Must order the chocolate chip cookies by Wednesday, September 1 at NOON (since they are chilled for 72 hours!) Full cupcake menu will be offered as well as macarons!

Sunday, September 12: German Chocolate and Mixed Berry Chantilly Cakes and Cake Cups + Strawberry Shortcake, Peach Crisp, Cookie Dough (choice of vanilla or chocolate cake) and Raspberry (choice of vanilla or chocolate cake/Chantilly, Mascarpone or Chocolate frosting) cupcakes + Peach Crumble Bars + Macarons

Saturday, September 18 Carrot and TBD Cakes and Cake Cups – TBD Cupcakes

Available every weekend but limited quantities: 2” cream puffs 4/$6 with a purchase of a cake/dozen cupcakes ~ 6/$12 without

*$10 minimum for orders*

Click here to see some of the past creations I have offered and to place a special request (cakes I have offered on the regular menu).

Click here to see past custom cakes I have made and to place a custom cake order.

Meet up at Harvey Park (2120 S Tennyson 80219) is free / Delivery within 5 miles of HP $5 : within 10 miles $10

*Strawberry Shortcake: Vanilla cupcakes topped with whipped cream, strawberry preserves and fresh strawberries (there’s more strawberries and preserves hidden under the swirls for maximum flavor) ~ a true summertime delight! 


CLASSIC SIX PACK SAMPLER ($27): SIX cupcakes (one classic flavor) + SIX cream puffs:
*Biscoff Delight: vanilla cupcakes filled with Biscoff cream iced with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream topped with crushed Biscoff cookies and Biscoff cookie butter 
*Boston Cream: Vanilla cupcakes filled with vanilla pastry cream iced with chocolate ganache
*Cookie Dough: Vanilla cupcake filled with edible chocolate chip cookie dough (flour has been heat treated/no eggs) iced with Vanilla chocolate chip Swiss meringue buttercream topped with cookie dough ball
*German Chocolate: Chocolate cupcakes filled with chocolate buttercream and topped with caramel-y pecan and coconut filling iced and more buttercream
*Hostess with the Mostest: Chocolate cupcakes filled with creme iced with chocolate ganache and finished with creme swirls
*Lemon Mascarpone: vanilla cupcakes filled with lemon curd iced with lemon mascarpone frosting
*Nutella: chocolate cupcakes filled with Nutella and iced with Nutella Swiss meringue buttercream and topped with more Nutella
*Oreo: Chocolate cupcakes filled with creme and iced with Oreo Swiss meringue buttercream and topped with mini Oreo cookie
*Raspberry Chocolate: chocolate cupcakes filled with seedless raspberry filling and iced with whipped chocolate buttercream
*Salted Caramel: Vanilla cupcakes filled with salted caramel iced with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream

$40/dozen ~ one classic filled flavor | $41/dozen ~ two classic filled flavors-6 (upgrade to one classic flavor, one deluxe flavor +$43)

$21/half-dozen ~ one classic flavor | $22/half-dozen ~ two classic flavors (upgrade to one classic flavor, one deluxe flavor $23)

CLASSIC FILLED SIX PACK SAMPLER ($30): SIX cupcakes (one classic filled flavor) + SIX cream puffs: – upgrade to 3 each of two classic filled flavors: $32 (upgrade to one classic filled flavor, one deluxe filled flavor +$34)

*Passionfruit Mascarpone: vanilla cupcakes filled with passionfruit curd iced with passionfruit mascarpone frosting
*Peach Crisp (SEASONAL): Crisp/streusel base ~ vanilla cupcakes with whipped cream/peach pie filling and crisp/streusel topping

$43/dozen ~ one classic+ filled flavor

$22/half-dozen ~ one classic+ flavor

BAKER’S ASSORTED: Dozen – $42 (at least one of each flavor offered including Classic+ Filled cupcakes,if applicable) / Half dozen $23

CUSTOMER’S CHOICE: Dozen – $43 / Half dozen – $24

BAKER’S ASSORTED SIX PACK SAMPLER: ($33 – each of the six classic filled cupcake flavors + SIX CREAM PUFFS)


S’mores Galore: Graham cracker crust base ~ chocolate cupcakes filled with marshmallow filling iced with graham cracker cream cheese frosting topped with a toasted jumbo marshmallow, Hershey’s chocolate square and graham cracker

$45/dozen | $23/half-dozen 

DELUXE FILLED SIX PACK SAMPLER ($33): SIX deluxe filled cupcakes + SIX cream puffs:
Mango Chantilly/Mascarpone Cakes (Chantilly $38/ Mascarpone $40) ~ 6” three layer vanilla cake layered with mango curd, Chantilly cream, fresh mango frosted with an airy Chantilly cream or luscious Mascarpone frosting topped with fresh mango flower / also available as cake cup ($7).
Passionfruit Mascarpone Cakes ($40) ~ 6” three layer mango cake layered with passionfruit curd frosted with a luscious passionfruit Mascarpone frosting
Mixed Berry Chantilly Cake ($37) ~ 6” three layer vanilla cake filled with mixed berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries) preserve layered with Chantilly cream and fresh berries (same as in the preserve) iced with an airy Chantilly cream frosting and topped with more berries / available also as cake cup ($6)
Carrot Cake ($35) ~ 6” three layer spiced carrot cake filled with brown butter mousse iced with whipped cream cheese frosting topped with cinnamon spiced walnuts / available also as cake cup ($6)
German Chocolate Cake ($35) ~ 6” three layer chocolate cake filled with a caramel-y pecan and coconut filling iced with whipped chocolate buttercream and topped with more of the filling on top / available also as cake cup ($6)

Spring fling cake ($35) ~ 6” three layer zucchini cake layered with whipped cream cheese frosting and fruit / available also as cake cup ($6)
The BEST salted chocolate chip cookies ($20/dozen). Like all my goodies, these cookies are made with the highest quality ingredients (two types of King Arthur Flour, Kerrygold butter, Ghirardelli chocolate chips, Maldon Sea Salt) and are chilled for 72 hours for maximum flavor! ***Must order by Tuesday, July 13 12 PM***

CHOCOLATE CHIP SIX PACK SAMPLER ($20):  SIX cookies + SIX cream puffs

Macarons ($30/dozen):  2” delicate french macarons filled with a sweet and tart passionfruit/maracuya filling 
MACARON SIX PACK SAMPLER ($25):  SIX cookies + SIX cream puffs
Cake Cups ($6-$7) : 9 oz – layered similarly to larger cakes but individual sized!
Chocolate covered cream puffs 4/$6 with a purchase of a cake/dozen cupcakes ~ 6/$12 without


What I offer is not simply homemade, these products are MADE FROM SCRATCH using recipes that I have fine-tuned and tested fanatically. Take for example my spring fling cake, it took six cakes to get a result I was fairly pleased with then an additional eight cakes to really be happy and proud enough of to offer them to you. While I do spend a lot of time in making the cakes look pretty, ultimately I want you to be awed by what you’re tasting.


I use the best ingredients such as King Arthur Flours; Softasilk Cake Flour; Kerrygold & Land o Lakes Butter, Horizon Organic Dairy Products; Valrhona, Ghirardelli, & Guittard Chocolates, etc even though there are much cheaper alternatives. I have tested these products side by side against other products to figure out which ones delivers the best flavor and superior end product because I believe that taste is paramount and won’t cut corners.


Why am I offering a fixed menu and not every weekend? This is currently a passion project/ side gig and to balance this against having my M-F job and wanting to maintain quality control, I can’t offer every type of cake I make every weekend and sometimes I have prior commitments. Think of it this way: ever been to one of those BBQ joints where ya get what ya get until it runs out? Well yes, this is one of those places .

If you’re wondering if the cakes are any good ~ read what some of my very happy buyers have written me…

OMG Rosemary I just wanted to thank you for opening my taste buds again…I’ll be buying more from you to try your other cakes. You definitely got a new customer..kudos again thank you

Giovanny R.

Rosemary, your cake was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! My husband said “damn that really is a good cake and ok…worth the $ lol” Thank you again

Laura O

Let me make you something delicious. Life is too short for it not to be beautiful.

Again thank you so much for your support and I cannot wait to spread some happiness and joy to you with something I made.

Love and light always, Rosemary

4 Comments Add yours

  1. First time ordering a cake from Rosemary every one loved it in my house INCLUDING myself! It was so delicious, everything was so perfect including the presentation it was so perfect I didn’t even wanna slice it… the cake was absolutely amazing!!! You won’t be disappointed can’t wait to try her other cakes..

    Thank you Rosemary


  2. Brittany Maestas says:

    I love your cakes and I can’t wait to try more amazing flavors! Thank you so much for making us these outstanding delicious cakes! 😊


  3. Gwen Moreland says:

    Rose Mary makes the beautiful delicious cakes. Her passion and caring to that she puts into each cake shows. You have to check this out !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bobbie Bonnett says:

      I’ve loved the cakes and cream puffs that you’ve made for us!! The carrot cake is definitely the best I’ve had. Can’t wait to try your cookies and I’m hoping for the yummy looking banana bread soon. Hint, hint ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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